Best Refrigerators in India (April 2022) – Single & Double Door Fridge

Over the past few decades, refrigerators have become more and more prevalent in our society. Nevertheless, a question still arises as to whether you should purchase brand-new best refrigerators in India.

If you wish to attain an answer, then it’s a big fat yes! India has demonstrated to be an immense powerhouse from time to time again and is rising to the top at a flabbergasting pace. Thus, it’s time that you extend your hand to welcome a new member of your family.

To help you make this vital decision, we have listed the top 10 best refrigerators in India. So, hurry up and give it a glance and make your best decision!

Below is a list of the Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India.

Sr. No.BrandColorEfficiencyBuy Now
1LGPlatinum Silver4.3Buy on amazon
2WhirlpoolSteel Onyx4.4Buy on amazon
3SamsungElegant Inox4.3Buy on amazon
4LGShiny Steel4.4Buy on amazon
5HaierDazzle Steel4.3Buy on amazon
6SamsungParadise Blue4.4Buy on amazon
7GodrejGlass Blue4.3Buy on amazon
8HaierMetallic Silver4.4Buy on amazon
9LGRed4.4Buy on amazon
10SamsungRed4.4Buy on amazon

10 Best Refrigerators in India

1.   LG (GC-B247SLUV.APZQEBN, Platinum Silver)

Brand:             LG

Color:            Platinum Silver

Dimensions:  1790mm H x 738mm D x 912 mm W

Weight:           108 kg

Door Style:     Side by Side

Capacity:         687 L

Compressor:  Inverter Linear

Defrosting:     Frost Free

Warranty:       1 year

LG's best refrigerators in India

Complete your kitchen look with this LG life enhancer best refrigerators in India which comes with the great benefit of 1- year product and a 10-year compressor warranty. The multi-air flow of exhausts helps the food to remain fresh for a long time.

Ideal for a family of 5 this express freezing fridge stands out in the market also because of its humidity balancer lock in the vegetable and fruit box.  Moreover, it has a sensor in it that diagnoses internal issues for easy troubleshooting.  Due to its digital inverter compressor, it is energy efficient up to 50%.


  • Reduces noise by 25%
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Digital sensors maintain inner temperature
  • Additional humidity on the food vaporizes due to the moisture control system


  •  No egg tray
  •  No icebox

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2.   Whirlpool (FP 263D PROTTON ROY, Steel Onyx)

Brand:               Whirlpool

Colour:               German Steel, Magnum Steel, Stream

Dimensions:      64cm L x 56cm W x 163cm H

Weight:               52kg

Door Style:         3 doors

Capacity:            240L-330 L

Defrosting:        Auto Defrost

Warranty:          1 year

Whirlpool's best refrigerators in India

This world-renowned Whirlpool company is offering something new now. 3 door refrigerator to prevent odor and temperature mixing. It has India’s first precinct having 6th sense technology for preserving the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Its humidity maintenance technology, ice twister, accumulator, and no-stabilizer needed make it unique among other refrigerators. Its air-booster controls and distributes air evenly to each compartment.

Every customer looks for low power consumption which is a plus point in this refrigerator. Its customized temperature knob provides options to adjust the temperature according to berries, chocolate, or beverages.


  • Tailored temperature dial
  • Micro block technology for keeping bacteria away
  • Zeolite technology helps to stop the quick ripening of fruits and vegetables
  • 10-year warranty on compressor
  • Most energy efficient


  • Slightly noisy
  • No child lock

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3. Samsung 345 L 3 Star Inverter Frost

 Brand:                               Samsung

Colour:                               Elegant Inox

Dimensions:                      63.7cm L x 55.5 cm W x 154.5cm H

Weight:                              46 kg

Door Style:                        Double 

Capacity:                           244 L

Compressor:                    Digital Inverter

Defrosting:                        Frost Free

Warranty:                          1 year

Samsung's best refrigerators in India

Today when every other thing is expensive, especially electronic items, this refrigerator is extremely powered effective. Samsung needs no introduction; its name represents quality, durability, long-lasting and stylish design.

Its stabilizer-free option prevents electric current shortage and provides stable and smooth operation all time. This refrigerator is a curd maestro which means every time fermentation is done flawlessly and curd is preserved in its special space.


  • Smart inverter
  • Solar congruent
  • Portable ice maker
  • Easy glass slide shelves
  • Door alarm feature


  • Non-convertible model
  • No child lock

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4.   LG (GL-1292RPZL, Shiny Steel)

Brand:                                LG

Colour:                               Glossy Stainless Steel

Dimensions:                      60L x 60W x 85H cm

Weight:                              49 kg

Door Style:                        Standard double door

Capacity:                           260 L

Compressor:                     Smart Inverter

Warranty:                          1 year

best refrigerators in India

Ready to read about another LG product. This small family-friendly smart refrigerator adjusts its cooling temperature according to the content present in the fridge. Its auto defrost feature precludes frost build-up in the fridge throughout the year.

This energy-efficient refrigerator comes with a 10-year warranty for the compressor. Its long-life span also depends on a new ice beam door cooling system which ensures even cooling all through the fridge. A smart diagnosis system provides hassle-free troubleshooting if any issue arises.


  •  Stabilizer free operation
  •  Inverter feature stops damage done due to voltage fluctuation
  •  The humidity controller helps to retain the freshness of vegetables and fruits.
  •  Spill-resistant glass shelves
  •  Deodorizer prevents odour formed due to different foods.


  •  The freezer is not convertible
  •  No cool pad or cool pack available

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5.   Haier (HEF-25TDS, Dazzle Steel)

Brand:                     Haier

Colour:                    Dazzle Steel

Dimensions:           61.5L x 54.8W x 156H Cm

Weight:                    53 kg

Door Style:             Double Door

Capacity:                258 L

Compressor:         Twin Inverter

Defrosting:            Frost Free

Warranty:              1 year

Haier's best refrigerators in India

Tired of usual fridge colors and want to give a new lavish look to your kitchen go with this twin inverter technology fridge. Due to its inverter technology the fan motor and compressor run at DC thus reducing the chance of fluctuation. This fridge has PUF (Polyurethane rigid foam) installation throughout the fridge to ensure better cooling.

Moreover, the 5 in 1 convertible mode allows you to store food at different temperatures without destroying its taste and freshness. It is also economical due to its 3-star energy-saving mode. Its refrigerant gas is eco-friendly because of its low effect on global warming.


●    10-year warranty on compressor and fan motor

●    Turbo icing mode

●    12-hours cooling retention

●    Tough spill-proof glass shelves

●    Back is clean


●    Poor quality according to some clients

●    The freezer doesn’t work properly in some models

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6. Samsung 192 L 4 Star Inverter

Brand:                         Samsung

Color:                           Red

Dimensions:               71.6cm L x 57.8cm W x 144.5cm H

Weight:                        39.9kg

Door style:                  Single door

Capacity:                    222litres

Compressor:               Inverter compressor

Defrosting:                  Manual

Warranty:                    1 year

best refrigerators in India

If you have a minimal family and want to have an advanced refrigerator while being inexpensive, then Samsung direct cool refrigerator is your ultimate choice. It has an appreciable capacity of 222litres that is optimal for three to four-person usage. The shelves are made up of rigid glass material that will bear hefty weights of more than a hundred kilograms.

It is a single-door refrigerator with a digital touch control system in it. This digital screen has an incredible power technology in which you can give blasts of cold air in your fridge with just an indication. The central plus point of this refrigerator is its energy efficiency. You can run this convenient fridge even on solar panels that generate up to three hundred volts of power.


●    Four-star energy rating

●    Non-bacterial gasket

●    Power-efficient

●    Digital control

●    Food capacity


●    Poor insulation of the sides

●    Not suitable for big families

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7. Godrej (RD 1904 PTDI 43 DI, glass blue)

Brand:                      Godrej

Color:                       Glass blue

Dimensions:            66.7cm L x 57.7cm W x 124.7 cm H

Weight:                     37.5kg

Door style:               double door

Capacity:                  190litres

Compressor:            Inverter

Defrosting:               Direct cool

Warranty:                 1 year

Godrej's best refrigerators in India

Godrej is an Indian manufacturing company known for its best refrigerators in India. This cool refrigerator has built-in advanced inverter technology, making this forage consume only 110 volts of power. Moreover, it can work even on a stable inverter; thus, if you have electricity problems in your area, this might be a good choice for you.

Peeking into its vegetable drawer, we think it has the largest capacity of almost 20 liters, so you can stuff extra vegetables into it. It is resistant to moisture which keeps your vegetables and fruits fresh and crisp.


●     Biggest vegetable drawer

●     Non-dripping chiller

●     Works on inverter

●     The energy rating of four-star

●     Beautiful design


●    Plastic quality may be compromised

●    Hot panel coils

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8. Haier (HRF-619SS, metallic silver)

Brand:                               Haier

Color:                                 Silver

Dimensions:                     65.5cm L x 90.8cm W x 179cm H

Weight:                              98.0 kg

Door style:                        Side-by-side door

Capacity:                           565litres

Compressor:                     Inverter

Defrosting:                        Frost free

Warranty:                          1 year

best refrigerators in India

Talking about its structure, it has a great capacity of 565litres suitable for a big family. It is also a beautifully designed slim structure that occupies minimal space in the kitchen.

One of its distinct features is the fridge to freezer proportion. This ratio is well designed, storing your foods without getting full. Both the fridge contents have doors that can open up to a perfect right angle (90°), withdrawing vegetable trays effortlessly.

This digital display fridge comes with special cooling features, including super freezing technology. You can freeze or chill any food inside your fridge. Moreover, the holiday feature comes in handy when you are on vacation. In this mode, the refrigerator keeps its temperature constant and consumes the lowest power while you’re away.


●    Smart inverters

●    Digital display

●    Low power consumption

●    Adjustable glass shelves

●    Slim structure

●    No-noise

●    Appropriate pricing


●    Poor Internet connectivity

●    low power-saving efficiency

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9. LG 190 L 5 Star

Brand:                          LG

Color:                           Red

Dimensions:               73cm Lx 70cm W x 168cm H

Weight:                        70.0 kg

Door style:                  Side-by-side

Capacity:                    437litres

Compressor:               Smart inverter

Defrosting:                  No frost

Warranty:                    1 year

best refrigerators in India

With LG single-door refrigerator, fill up your fridge without worrying about the space. It is a stainless steel refrigerator with a maximum capacity of 437 liters, which is great for four or more family members. Moreover, the volume of the fridge compartment is three hundred and one liters, whereas the freezer can store up to 136 liters. Moreover, when you need extra space in the fridge, you can easily convert the freezer into a refrigerator.

If you prefer auto frost rather than the manual one, this is the best choice for you. It does not retain ice and defrost itself automatically without needing your help. Plus, when you see a problem with the working of it, the intelligent diagnosis of LG saves your fridge with just a tap on the phone, and it will tell you the problem that is bothering the fridge’s functioning.


●   Hard glass shelves

●   Two Star energy efficiency

●   No noise efficient inverter

●   Door coupling plus

●    LG diagnosis


●    It lacks an excellent digital display

●   Automatic defrost

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10. Samsung 253 L 2 Star Inverter

Brand:                                Samsung

Color:                                 Red

Dimensions:                     66.4cm L x 56.8cm W x 121.6cm H

Weight:                             36.3kg

Door style:                       Single door

Capacity:                          198litres

Compressor:                    Inverter

Defrosting:                       Direct cool

Warranty:                         1 year

best refrigerators in India

This model in the list of 10 best refrigerators in India is an intelligent look with multiple features. That’s right! It is a slim and stylish single-door refrigerator that comes with a digital screen panel to monitor and operate the temperatures inside the fridge. The capacity of 298litres makes it an ideal fridge for two to three persons. Moreover, some hardcore glass tempered shelve can support heavy weights up to 175kg.

Even though this refrigerator is pretty affordable, it still doesn’t compromise its performance and features. The auto defrosts and eco mode saves you a ton of time and energy, respectively. Moreover, the instant chill technology decreases the temperature. It freezes your food with just one click. Furthermore, the power-efficient inverter technology consumes the lowest power possible, so you can run this fridge on any solar panel or home inverter. In conclusion, you can optimize your refrigerator with just a single click on the display.


●   4-star energy efficiency

●   Works on inverters

●   Safety cover on the backside

●   Inbuilt stabilizer

●   Perfect cooling


●   Lacks humidity controlling feature

●   Poor structure

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Ultimate Buying Guide

Before spending your hard-earned money, go through these guidelines to understand your needs and specifications fulfilling your family’s needs. These factors will help you to narrow down the best refrigerators in India.

Different types of refrigerators.

Whether you’re trying to cut a refrigerator through with a tight budget or are looking for sheer performance, perhaps you’re trying to find a puny or gigantic fridge. Well, there’s a fridge for everyone and particularly there are 5 major different types.

1. Top -Freezer Refrigerator

If you want to run something retro and want something basic yet quite comprehensive, then a top-freezer refrigerator is your best bet. If you have the space to fit this and aren’t looking to fill your house to the brim with food, then this fridge will do the job for you.

Moreover, as this type has been developed a lot throughout the years you’ll find it in more variety, at a lesser price, and more energy effective as its compressor is located further than most of the components. Finally, you’ll also be able to see the freezer and top rack at eye level.

However, you would have to sacrifice a pull-out drawer and less storage for this.

2. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Compared to its counterpart the freezer in this refrigerator has more space and accessibility via drawers and shelves etc.

Besides this, this type of refrigerator can sustain much heavier frozen substances and if you use your fridge more than your freezer, all your food stored in your fridge will be at eye level making it easy and simple to take out and place in items. 

Yet, you would have to end up paying more as it is not very energy efficient and there are fewer models available in the market so you might not get your dream customization.

3. French-Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator is for those who adore convenience. From being able to open just one door compared to opening both. Besides this, it offers deeper door bins which allow for everyday items to be stored there.

Additionally, the freezer is located at the bottom of this refrigerator, thus those who use their fridge more will be quite overjoyed to hear this. So, back pain isn’t a problem when using this refrigerator. Though, its larger size accompanied by its over the average price might make you a bit reluctant in buying this fridge.

4.  Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Items allocated in this refrigerator can be arranged in a matter of top to bottom, so commonly used items can be given higher priority and can be placed on top, while seasonal items can be placed at the bottom.

Furthermore, side-by-side refrigerators require less room to open and provide immensely more freezer space compared to any other refrigerator model. The most key feature is the ice and water dispenser which provides as the name suggests cold water and ice without the need of opening the fridge. However, this needs to be constantly maintained and repaired and heavy dishes can’t be kept in this fridge.

Of course, there are other fridge models like the built-in one and single door one, but these fridges don’t provide enough pros contrasting to their cons and thus aren’t mentioned to not leave you perplexed.


Another top-notch assist to consider while buying the best refrigerators in India is its compressor, they are two different types.

1. General Compressor

This compressor starts its life at a blazing speed but later maintains a certain speed. However, it regularly goes on and off and takes in more electricity, but it isn’t very expensive to install. It also produces a ticking sound.

2. Inverter Compressor

This compressor adjusts according to its surroundings, thus it’s quite versatile and flexible as it automatically changes its speed according to the amount of cooling required.  It takes in less electricity and produces less sound. Thus, it is more expensive than a general compressor but the overall saving is much better.


Besides all of this if you really want your money’s worth then you should look for some accessories like:

Ice/Water dispenser

With the temperature scorching and blazing warm in India nearly 90% of the time this would be the perfect addition to your refrigerator.

 Adjustable fridge

While guests being invited all the time is a norm in India, this feature would really come to use for you. With this extra ability your fridge can convert its freezer to an extra fridge by reducing its temperature, thus you would get extra space for absolutely free.

 Cool Pack

With the light going out all the time, this cool pack allows for up to 12 hours of chilling cold temperatures in the freezer to keep your food preserved, fresh, and frozen.


We all know how high the temperatures can reach in the summers, so food constantly rots and this leaves a terrible aroma of smell engulfing your fridge. However, with this feature via the use of strong filters this smell is erased from existence.

 Buying a Smart Refrigerator

While this will cost you some extra bucks, the ability to see recipes and photos or even watch videos or use numerous other apps really does come in handy in the long run. So, in the end, this is one investment you should make.

Tips to Increase Lifespan of your Refrigerator

It is very upsetting to find your thousand-rupee product not working properly after a season. Therefore, it is very important to keep the following tips handy to increase the efficiency and lifespan of your refrigerator even after the end of the warranty.

1) Keep your refrigerator clean from spots and spillage. Use warm soapy water once a month to keep it odor-free.

2) Storeless items in the upper portion of the fridge to keep the flow of heat and cooling stable.

3) Place your refrigerator away from heat-emitting appliances like the oven and microwave.

4) Scrub the oil and dirty hand impressions from the door gasket of your fridge. Keeping it clean will keep the cool air inside and warm air outside the fridge.

5) Almost all modern -ay fridges are frost-free but to boost the lifespan of your fridge, constantly cool down your food to room temperature before placing it in the fridge and always cover every piece of food.

Best Refrigerator Brands in India

Although there are many refrigerator manufacturers, the best refrigerators in India under 30000 comes from certain brands that are accessible to everyone. There are top five brands that meet the requirements of the best refrigerators in India that are found in various price ranges, thus accessible to almost everyone. These top five brands include


Just like its motto, LG makes life good with its premium quality home appliances. These include LCDs, air conditioner washing machines, and many more gadgets that make life easy. They also ace refrigerators productions with their innovative design and technology.

Their refrigerators have advanced features, including automatic thermostat control, premium chilling, humidity control, and a ton of high-quality specs that keep your food fresh and bacterial-free. Moreover, it comes in different shapes and designs, including single doors, double doors with other volumes that complement almost every family.


Samsung is an international brand that is known for its innovative and user-friendly products. However, its effects seem to be on the expensive side, thanks to its cost-friendly refrigerator products and designs best suitable for the Indian environment and give a marvelous performance.

The significant aspect of Samsung refrigerators is that they give all the high-end fridge features at affordable rates. The main attraction of their product is their digital display, through which you can control all the internal components. This display keeps you updated about the internal environment. Secondly, the latest inverter technology keeps it energy-friendly, therefore reducing your bills with maximum output.


Almost every Indian has geared around whirlpool electronic products. It is one of the most common brands in India that gives high-tech appliances enabled with the latest technology. One of the significant successful creations of Whirlpool is its artificial intelligence-enabled refrigerators.

The primary specification sets Whirlpool refrigerators apart from the other brands or their artificial sensors. Yes, that’s true. Whirlpool’s refrigerators have built-in sensors that alter their temperature according to the fridge’s internal environment. This is a significant way to save electricity by giving optimal performance. Moreover, they come in various sizes and volumes from which you can select your best option.


Godrej is a proud Indian brand that makes the most suitable appliances for the Indian environment. This company has mastery of almost all gadgets and household items that a person needs to excel in their lives. While maintaining their quality, Godrej has managed to make appreciable refrigerators for their people.

Godrej produces eco-friendly refrigerators that are tough and durable. Their fridges are well insulated, having internal temperature control, a humidity operator with hardcore glass tempered shelves that can bear hefty weights. Moreover, the large vegetable trays are a plus point for Indian households. There’s no way their customers are ever disappointed, making it a top ten best refrigerators in India under 15000.


Although Haier is a household essential, it jazzed up its refrigerator game after releasing bottom-mounted fridges that became everyone’s favorite choice. But Haier did not stop there, it came with back-to-back excellent releases to catch the refrigerator market, and fortunately, it was a successful decision.

The best thing about Haier refrigerators is their astounding variety with surprisingly affordable prices. This elaborates that a person with any socio-economic status can own a Haier fridge that is durable and efficient. You can find a single door, large volume, double door, digital display, and even standard refrigerators, which are light on your pocket. So if you Have a tighter budget than usual, you should get your hands on one of the Haier refrigerators.

These are not the only manufacturers that you’ll buy. Then they are in the top five list of best companies. This is because of their variety and sound quality that stand out from other numerous firms that make the best refrigerators in India. If you are planning to buy a new fridge, we recommend you go through these five brands first, and we are sure that you’ll find your perfect refrigerator effortlessly.

Final Choice

Although all of these refrigerators beat others with their fantastic performance, there’s always a winner. In this case, our best choice from the 10 best refrigerators in India is Samsung 345 L 3 Star Inverter Frost.

It is an optimal fridge that has minimum power consumption, that is why it is an energy-efficient inverter refrigerator. Moreover, its strong build and spill-free big bottles storing shelves make it a complementing house appliance. So if you have a minimal family, this is a perfect choice for you.

Frequently asked questions

Which refrigerators are better? Manual or automatic defrost.

It varies with preference. But in general, an automatic defrost refrigerator creates more mess and consumes extra power to melt the ice. So inefficiency, manual defrost fridges are a better option.

Is a digital display fridge necessary to have?

No, it’s not vital to have a fridge with a digital display. The primary function of a touch display is to keep you updated with the internal environment while regulating it. So, it is a choice that depends on you.

Should I buy a single or double-door fridge?

It depends on your family size. If your house consists of two to three members, a single-door fridge will be enough for you. But if you have a more prominent family, then you should get a double-door one.

Should I get an extended warranty while buying a new fridge?

Yes, you should. It is the best way to keep your fridge in check, plus you won’t need to spend extra money when it is malfunctioning.


A fridge is a household essential without which life is incomplete. You can face many problems when your refrigerator is disrupted and nonfunctional, as the hot climate in India can spoil the food immediately. So, if you consider buying a new one and don’t know which product you should choose, we have mentioned the 10 best refrigerators in India that will give maximum efficiency with minimum investment. These ten best refrigerators in India are suitable for temperature changes and power problems common in India, keeping your food fresh and chilled.

Along with the products, we also discussed a proper buying guide that will help you to figure out your preferences in a fridge before buying. Moreover, we enlisted the best brands available in the market for your ease so that you can look at the best choices first. Thank you for reading this article. We hope that it would help you out, and if it did, don’t forget to tell us in the comments below. Any queries would be highly appreciated.

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